Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving at a different pace

For all the time that Dave and I have been together (9 years now!), summer has always been our busiest time. And by summer, I mean Memorial Day to Labor Day. And, inherently, there are overflow weekends before and after as we try to cram everything in that we can't do during the regular summer.

Now, with Sophia, we're still as hectic as ever, but it's a different pace with more (enforced) relaxation. We're still in Newport every weekend, but we're able to leave most Fridays mid-day and beat the traffic down. Dave works from the house in the afternoon and Sophia & I head out for a run or to the park. Lately, we've been taking her out with us for a late afternoon cocktail (and some yummy yogurt for her.) Not bad scenery, huh?

The nights are spent grilling out with our housemates and watching the Sox or a movie while Sophia sleeps. Last weekend, our friend Katie came and monitor sat for Sophia so Dave and I could have a date night. It was wonderful.

The days are more planned (versus just flopping on the beach for 6 hours) but at the same point, we know there is down time when Sophia naps so we can nap too!

Dave has been great about letting me head off to the beach and taking Sophia for the afternoon. They get some quality father/daughter time and I get a break.
We both are able to get our long runs in during the morning (one of us will stay and feed Sophia's her breakfast and then put her down for her nap) and then we some good family time after she wakes up from nap. The long runs are a must-do right now, as we're both running the Applefest Half Marathon at the end of September! Ekk. We're calling it a "PBPR" for me (post-baby PR)!

Hard to believe she turns 9 months this Saturday. There is lots going on, but more about that in an upcoming post.

Here's to enjoying the best and last days of summer!

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