Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa's Beach

Last week, Sophia & I escaped to my parents house in CT for some cooler temps and lots of quality family time. It was exactly what we both needed.

When we arrived on Wednesday afternoon, we started to settle in. Recently, Sophia has become a little more clingy later in the afternoon when she is around new people. (We had an unfortunate meltdown with Dave's mom earlier in the week, but Harriet was a trooper and toughed it out.) We had a similar meltdown when Sophia first went to my dad late in the afternoon. She wouldn't take the bottle from him and, in general, just pitched a fit.

Luckily, this subsided by the next day. I think the more contact she has, the better she'll get.

It is so tough to watch because you know it's just a phase, but our hope is that she is comfortable as possible with other people. It's strange that it is just later in the afternoon. At any other point during the day, she'll happily go to anyone as long as they are smiling and paying attention to her!

Grandma & Grandpa had a great time spoiling her. She went on the swings at Foote Park (where I used have my Field Day growing up at St. Mary's School)

We went to visit my Aunt Joan and Grandma, who just ate Sophia up! (My grams is 88 and in fabulous shape - her mind, eyes and ears are all there. I hope when I get to her age I'm looking as good!)

She got to play with her new friend Ryan (one of my best friends from high school, Colleen, had her son about 6 weeks after I had Sophia).

We got a visit from Mary & Web - my basketball coaches from high school. They spoiled Sophia with lots of new, beautiful outfits! She gave them lots of smiles and playtime.

And finally, there was lots of outdoor playtime:

in the water with Grandma (which was fun, until the jellyfish came along. But no fear, my father speared it and tossed it into the sea grass)

Breakfast and playtime on the patio (what could be better?)

On a developmental note, she started making the first motions towards crawling - her butt got up in the air a little and she is rocking the baby pushups. We totally want her to go, but at the same point, love knowing she'll stay put when we put her down somewhere! :)

And then, it was time to go home. I remarked how bored she'll be this week with just plain old mom to entertain her!
Until our next visit...

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