Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moving & Grooving

At 10 months, Sophia is definitely finding movement. As you may recall, her preferred method of movement was to crawl backwards. I'm happy to report that if there is something motivating enough (another baby, my cellphone, a "little person" toy) she'll happily crawl forward.
She has been employing the "Butt in the air" crawl often - it looks something like this:

Last week, when this video was shot, proved to be fun, if not frustrating for her. But she has since managed to get where she is going.

Pulling up & standing are also big on her list. The coffee table (our trunk) is a personal favorite of hers. Here she is (sporting her new baby legs tights).

She also figured out how to crawl up stairs this week! This is a big feat, as we don't have stairs in our condo - we have to put her purposefully on the stairs in the hallway and help her work her way up. She got it pretty quickly, and as you can see, my keys are a good motivator!

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