Sunday, October 10, 2010

11th Months on the Outside

Sophia hit the 11 month mark this past week - funny that we mark every month of life early on, then, as we get older, years and then decades. But when growth happens as quickly as it does in these early months, there is lots to celebrate.

The little miss has been playing the role of "Dora the Explorer" lately. She's investigating every space around the condo and pulling herself to standing on anything she can find. She recently discovered we had a porch, but hasn't quite figured out the hurdle to get out on it. She has mastered the stairs and is making big leaps (no pun intended) in propelling herself forward while we're holding her hands (a.k.a walking).

She is also very aware of personal space now. If someone horns in on something she is doing (adult or small child) she'll make it known that they are invading on her. But at other times, she will happily play and interact with other babies. It is really cool to watch.

Her friend Frances came over the other day to play. Frances is an excellent crawler and loves to be chased. Sophia enjoys crawling, but can't be bothered unless there is something to go after. So needless to say, the girls went all over the condo with Frances leading, checking back for Sophia as she "tony pena'd" her way chasing Frances. Good times were had by all.

She's eating new foods every day - some she likes a lot, others, she humors me by trying a little and then making it obvious she is done. We're still at 5 teeth, though it's been a month since our last one, so I feel like we're due for another one (or 3) soon.

Finally, Sophia has also taken an additional characteristic to her now infamous "lion roar" - the attack and pounce.
Here she is prowling and attacking her prey: (the humble giraffe didn't stand a chance). :)

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