Sunday, October 31, 2010

How a Halloween Costume came to be

Growing up, my mother always made me the best, most elaborate costumes. One year, I was a computer, complete with printer (and this was a desktop - none of this small, laptop stuff). Another year was a grandfather clock. One of my personal favorites was the Red M&M year (complete with red face paint and red shower cap). Mind you - all of these costumes were hand hand made by my mom. (I'll see if I can scan in some pictures of them - they were classic!)
Well, I inherited her creativity, but unfortunately, I'm a little lacking in the execution skills.

Being Sophia's first Halloween, I wanted it to be a fun experience and entertaining for all of us. After all, her first birthday is next Sunday, so I had visions of a cute, cuddly little outfit from Carter's. (I mean really, what baby isn't adorable in one of those little froggy or duck outfits. And warm to boot!)

Oh no. Not in our house. Unbeknownst (or blocked out) to me, my husband has a deep seeded belief that Halloween costumes are to be scary. Not cute, not fluffy, but scary. Even almost 1-year olds. We compromised on Sophia being a witch. Somewhat scary, somewhat cute. (I drew the line at any face paint!) The only problem - the commercialized side of Halloween doesn't provide any infant witch costumes. So I had to make one.

Now, this decision was made in September. You would think that would give me adequate time to get my stuff together. Nope. Thought about it for about 3 weeks and purchased the fabric two weeks ago. Measured Sophia last week (the plan was to just cut a hole in the top for her head and create something "poncho" style for her. (Thank god for my friend Morgan who spied a witch's hat at Target a few weeks ago and bought it for Sophia).

Cut to yesterday, the day before Halloween. I cut the hole (albeit a bit off center) and popped it on her. It was great - if she was about 2 feet taller. So I started to trim it while she was standing at her Zany Zoo. Then I safety pinned her sleeves (well, the fabric, thus creating sleeves) Then I trimmed some more. The final product is below: (I think the broom is my proudest accomplishment of the whole costume!)

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