Monday, August 22, 2011

Sophia at 21+ months

The big news here (besides the ridiculous height growth!) on Sophia is words. She's getting a lot of them. Some kids have more, some kids have less, but she is definitely mastering language left & right.

We hear a new one close to every day - and it's so much fun (albeit a little scary) to see what she picks up.
Newest include:
  • Sit (which the first few times sounded shockingly like something else!!)
  • Poop
  • Mess
  • Up
  • Off
  • Hat
  • Hiss (like a snake - which sounds a bit like buzz from a bee)
  • Coco (our neighbor's dog, which Sophia proudly announces every time it yaps.)
  • Bike
  • Hat (often said together, as one wears their hat - helmet - while on the bike)
  • Door - which she has been saying for a bit, but definitely with more emphasis now
She will repeat most any word we say for her, but this list is what she will come up with on her own.
She also will repeat the alphabet - each letter after you say it to her. She gets probably 23 of the 26 letters - the tough ones are g, q, w.

She likes wearing any piece of our clothing she can get on. Example A (Dave's pants):

And even some of her own:

All in all - she's doing great. She loves running and jumping and has no fear when it comes to climbing. She'll hike up the green chain climbing thing at the park without any help. It's pretty amazing...we've been so lucky to have a great summer for her to enjoy a ton of time outside.
Here's the latest of her and Frances on the horses in Newport together - pure enjoyment!!

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