Monday, October 10, 2011

Words are flying around...

And so many of them are coming out of Sophia's mouth! Her vocabulary has really hit the "explosion" point that everyone talks about. She will mimic whatever we are saying, especially the last 2 or 3 words in a sentence. It's amazing (and really, really scary) to listen to. And she's started having "conversations" with us. Communication is an amazing thing, albeit still a little frustrating when she can't quite get the right word out.
Here she is seasoning her father - Sophia likes to "cook" while I'm cooking or baking.

Dave have been practicing her numbers with her a lot - while climbing stairs for the mail and on the swings and she's really picked up on them. Not a big fan of Seven, but otherwise, she's all over it. Especially when "1, 2, 3" is followed by "Wheee" and 2 people swinging her in the air!
What could be more fun than Nana & Poppa?

She also really enjoys sitting on her potty seat. Not actually using the potty, but it's a first step. She's been running around announcing poopy and pee pee for awhile now (whether there was any in there or not) so this was the logical next step. It'll be great, but I have to say, it's going to take a new found patience to go through the process of the entertainment value of climbing up the stool, on to the potty and back off again for about 20 minutes as we're trying to head out the door, clearly late for something! :) In due time, I know!

Sophia can also clearly say her name now. We started really sounding it out with her about a month ago - So - FEE - A - which is how she said it for awhile. Or we'd say the So and she'd chime in with Fee and we'd finish with the A. So now, during "Roll Call" (what we currently call her winding down for bed) we hear "Mama. Dada. So FEE A." it's adorable, and usually followed by the "A-Ca-Choo" sound from the Bear in the book "The Mitten".

She's also become hyper-aware of friends and playmates. It's great now - but look out- her and her best friend Frances are sure to cause trouble!

I can't believe we're less than a month away from her 2nd birthday! She's such a big girl now.

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