Friday, December 16, 2011

Captain Obvious

At a little over 2 years old now, Sophia has taken on the role of "Captain Obvious" and likes to point out everything we do (sometimes it's pointing out, other times it's instructing us exactly what to do).
Examples include:
"Mama Sit." Yes, Sophia, Mama just sat down.
or "Dada Fart" Yes, Sophia, that's exactly what that sound that emanated from your father's tuckus was. (She often likes to follow this one up by walking over and pointing directly to Dave's behind, which I find highly humorous.)
"Mama go potty" Yes indeed. I'm going potty.

It's all very entertaining, and very helpful for the other adults in the house who can now be sure they know exactly what the other is doing.

Sometimes, though, she repeats what she thinks you'd like her to say, such as the time I walked in when she was supposed to be napping but rather was performing a series of "Big Jumps" onto her crib mattress. I stood behind her and watched for a moment before clearing my throat and saying, "Sophia should be sleeping, not jumping." Her response, "Sophia sleep. No jump." and then she proceeded to do a final "Big Jump" and cruise off to nap time.

Recently, she's figured out that her finger fits perfectly up her nose. I know that all kids pick their nose and she's had a particularly rough cold lately, but we've been trying to discourage her none the less. Her translation, "No Poke-a-nose" as she attempts to restrain her finger from making its way up there.

I love this stage.

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