Sunday, January 20, 2013

Germs, Germs and more Germs

Thinking we were getting off easy with Sophia's quick bout of norovirus, we clearly jinxed ourselves. As you've probably read, the flu season has been out of control here in Boston and the Ahouse house fell victim...

It all started with me - a bad cold or something, but I was knocked on my butt, but, as a mother, I had my obligatory 18 hours of rest/recovery on the weekend before resuming normal duties...As a side note, I found this hysterical blog depicting life as a sick mom in a family of sickies...

Tuesday night, Dave came home from work feeling less than stellar. Honestly, the sound of a grown man puking is about the worst thing I've ever heard. I'm often shocked that he doesn't wake up our entire building with the sound. But I digress...around 4am, I hear Theo crying, which he never does unless there is physical pain involved. Upon checking in, the poor little guy was a hot water bottle - 103 fever. After taking his helmet off and feeding/snuggling for awhile, he fell back asleep.

Too sick to smile...but I look tough!

Luckily, Sophia was untouched and I happily sent her over to our nanny share buddies for the day to avoid too many germs. Poor Theo and Dave were miserable on the couch all day and I was just working to disinfect everything.

On Thursday, I took Theo in for a flu test and he tested positive. I brought Sophia up for a test as well (I told her she was going to have a really cool nose-picking experience!) and she was negative. Both she and I got our shots - better late than never, I guess. Theo was prescribed Tamiflu suspension, which, we quickly learned, was in high demand all over the city.
Finally, at 7:30 that night, after calling about 10 different pharmacies, the Target in Watertown had it. So, with Dave still down for the count, I trucked the kids out there to pick it up. Poor Theo puked up his first batch- I can't blame him. The frothiness and smell were enough to do a healthy person in.

Luckily, it started working and he turned the corner (after a brief stint with another 103+ fever and a concerned midnight call to the doctor) on Friday morning. Dave rebounded as well. Sophia was still looking good. Below - a moment of happiness! 

But sadly, whether from the germs in the house or after effects of the shot, Sophia turned into a hot mess. No fever, just a cold beyond everything. Which led to about a week of not sleeping for anyone (up every hour to have nose blown or need a snuggle or to move the blankets just so...sigh...)
So we're now recovering and hoping to shake this soon. Germs germs go away, don't come back for another day!

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