Sunday, February 17, 2013

11 months of Theo (almost a full 12!)

Two of my favorite shots from this past month. Hard to believe that cute, naked butt is 11 (well, almost 12 months) old but he is. The shot on the left was taken amidst a rough patch of being sick. The pucker is not one of kisses, but the pre curser to an unhappy wail. Alas, without context, it looks really cute!

Theo has grown leaps and bounds this month. The biggest developments:

  • Teeth! He's got 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. Man those things are sharp
  • Food - The boy eats, eats, and eats some more. The best thing is he will eat whatever I put in front of him and wants to feed it to himself. No ifs, ands or butts. I can't tell you how magical and easy this makes dinner time. I also feel license to be more creative with food for him. I just wish I had had the same attitude with Sophia. Live & learn...maybe she'll pick up some of little brother's habits?
  • Mobility - He is scooting his little heart out and boy can he cover ground (much to Sophia's dismay.) He loves getting into her puzzles and towers which offers some entertaining moments and clear moments of sibling mangling...

He tries to pull up a little, but doesn't have much interest in it. We'll get there. Standing is fun if someone props him up and there is a magazine he can tear at.

He still doesn't put the effort into rolling from back to front. When I go in to his room in the morning, he's generally still laying in the exact same spot I left him about 11 hours before. With the blankets nestled on him and looking adorable. Once this past week he clearly rolled because he was sitting up quite bothered that no one was around to play with him. So he CAN do it, he just chooses not to.
  • Games - he's all about peak a boo and getting better about finding his nose when you ask him. (We generally settle for the generic nose/mouth area.)
  • Sleep - still sleeping up a storm. He's been sleeping later in the morning which pushes the whole schedule even later throughout the day. I think that morning nap will be deleted in the not too distant future (2-3 months) so we can actually get out of the house as a family on weekends.
My little man is getting so big! He gives the best sloppy wet kisses, snuggles down on me when he's really sleepy and has such a full belly laugh that it's infectious. I'm so lucky.
How are you? 

Who, me??

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