Saturday, November 23, 2013

Halloween Fun

Halloween has quickly become a family favorite here. Sophia decided early-on in the year (probably before the end of summer) that she was going to be "Minnie Red Riding Hood." I looked online for the costume, but quickly found that the pre-schooler version was a small version of the hooker-looking adult version. Yup - complete with pleather tie-up bodice. All set with that!

It actually worked out great, because my mom sewed the most beautiful fleece cape for her, which looked amazing and kept her very warm. The other bonus - we could dress her in whatever underneath the cape!
 It was only fitting, then, that Theo was The Big Bad Wolf.
I found the fuzziest costume online and well, he didn't look very bad, more adorable and snuggly. Better yet, he was warm, though the night turned out to be in the high 50s, so the poor guy ended up wearing just a diaper & t-shirt underneath!

Both kids were all about getting candy - we traipsed around our new neighborhood with a bunch of friends from our current neighborhood. It is just getting to the point where the kids are somewhat self sufficient - at least the first edition are - and can move along at a good pace and really enjoy the process!

 Theo got into it - he wouldn't let anyone hold his candy bag, for fear of missing out. He also went 2 fisted into most bowls and while I tried to reign him in for just 1 or 2 pieces, people kept telling him, "Oh you're so cute, take what you want." Great - more donations to bring to work :)

Here's a shot of the whole crew, including: Astronaut Doggie, Dinosaur, Red Riding Hood, Fireman and a distracted Wolf!

 More shots including our neighbor who we met up with at the end - Spiderman!!

 And finally, after having the velcro of his diaper getting caught on the inside of the costume all night (causing a few malfunctions) we finally stripped him and let him wander around getting some air.
It was a good night!

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