Sunday, February 13, 2011

And sickness descends...

It's been one hell of a week for the Ahouse family. We were all sick - starting with Dave last Thursday and moving through Sophia and I over the course of the weekend.
When Dave first started complaining, I honestly thought he was suffering from a little bit of "MAN" disease. (what can I say, there's a reason women have babies and not men)

By Saturday, he hadn't really made it out of bed and Sophia now had a 102 fever. I was feeling less than stellar, but was trying to hang in there. Fast forward to the afternoon, and Dave was diagnosed with pneumonia, Sophia was miserable and I was hanging on. Happily, Dave got fluids and antibiotics, I gave Sophia Motrin to break her fever enough to fall asleep. I was able to curl up on the couch and get myself to a doctor on Sunday. Sophia had her 15 month well visit Monday, which got her on antibiotics as well as me (the beauty of going to a family practice!) and all of us on the road to recovery. It was a slow couch day that included the introduction of Calliou (apparently, not a winner for Sophia who, despite her fever and yuckiness, was content to toddle around the house as oppose to watch Calliou whine about his cat Gilbert and not winning any ribbons.)

I'm all for families sticking together, but all 3 of us sick was not something I'd recommend. The best thing that happened for Sophia (who was still struggling sleeping because of her sad little cough) was to have our amazing baby sitter come to care for her on Tuesday while Dave & I went to work. Here was someone who was 100% healthy and could devote herself totally to Sophia. She's a godsend. By the end of the week, Sophia was back to her normal perky self and Dave & I were feeling human again. Hooray! What a way to celebrate Dave's birthday and Sophia's 15months.

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