Monday, February 28, 2011

So where's the manual on this thing anyway?

It is so fun to watch Sophia grow and learn so much every day. (See my post about Party Tricks).
One of the things we're quickly learning is she enjoys testing Dave & I. Especially me. Meal time is our big test point - how much food can she throw before royally perturbing Mama?? I've been trying the "ignore it" route, but it's just not my personality and part of me really feels like it is condoning it (even if the magic "they" say if you show no reaction, they'll stop).

I've tried turning her chair around facing the windows, and she just makes funny faces and giggles at her reflection (kind of cute, actually). I've tried the stern no. All of which just elicits a huge grin from her and fits of giggles. When it's the end of the day and I'm tired or worn out, it's really tough not to get frustrated and angry. But I realize (somewhere deep inside, and generally after the fact) that she's not trying to perturb me, she just loves the interaction. So I'm working on making it a positive one, for both of us.

The new approach - just calmly eating with her. What she eats, she eats. I'll try to make it look like (as much as I can) to what I'm eating. When she starts to throw, we're done. Yes, I know, that is probably what I should have done in the first place but I've definitely found it challenging to feed myself and her concurrently, so I've really just focused on her. I'm realizing every day, though, that she is growing and is very capable (relatively speaking) of feeding herself. She is officially a little person. The baby is gone.

Dinner is our current tough spot. Dave doesn't/can't make it home in time for a family dinner, so it's just Sophia & I. And while 5:30 is a bit early for my dinner (we usually don't eat till about 8:30/9) I'm focusing on having a mini meal with her at dinner. Note to my waistline - hang in there with me please - I'm doing this for the good of my child! :) It's a work in progress, as is everything. But we'll get there, hopefully without too many roadbumps.

The funny (ironic?) thing about all of this is she doesn't do any of this for the nanny. I swear, the woman is the baby whisperer. Sophia eats tons, sleeps long hours and doesn't bat a single eyelash when she's around. And I'm so thankful for the fact my daughter is so loved and taken care of.
(Now if only I could get a long, dark haired wig to make her think I was Lidi and we'd be all good :)

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