Monday, March 14, 2011

The Good Stuff - London

Well, after all the trauma, we finally made it to London.
Sophia was a trooper. Though the plane ride was hellish, Sophia was kind enough to nap throughout the day as we rolled around in the stroller. So the game became: Pictures of Sophia sleeping next to important landmarks. We must have seen all the big sights and plenty of cool neighborhood stuff, though I don't think Sophia really saw any of it.
Starting off the day:

St. Paul's Cathedral:
Telephone Booth:
Hey Sophia - look - Big Ben. Parliament.
Luckily, she perked up for her first visit to a proper English Pub:
(her food intake generally involved French Fries (aka chips) and Croissants. YUM!
Of course, there was some play time with her friend JJ back at the house:
and her "cheeky" look:

It was a great, albeit brief trip.
Finally, after a 7 hour plane ride too hellish to even begin to describe, we made it home to Boston.
I would do the trip again in a second. I have no regrets about taking Sophia, but I wouldn't do the flights by myself. The tag team is really necessary on flights of that length. Our friends Tera, Jimmy and JJ were so amazing and hospitable, despite Sophia & I battling the time adjustment, a few remnant pukes and not much enthusiasm from Sophia in the beginning. The highlight of all the time zone craziness was coming back to the States during Daylight Savings transition. It meant we only had a 4 hour difference instead of 5, and while Sophia woke up at 4am this morning, she did curl back in from 6a-9a, giving me a little respite and time to catch up on sleep too. Bring on the next adventure.

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