Monday, March 14, 2011

Wow - What a Week (Part 2)

So after the excitement of visiting Children's Hospital, we knew there would be some recuperating time. We weren't surprised to find Sophia was not particularly hungry the next day, after all that she had gone through. She seemed otherwise to be in good spirits. Fast forward to 2:30 when the sitter calls me at work to say Sophia is throwing up. A lot.

Not good. Not good at all.
The poor thing can't keep anything down - water, juice, bread. Nada.(We had gone through a similar puking spree in December, which I caught as well. It wasn't a pretty sight.) But she did go down to sleep fairly easily (I think exhausted from everything). Sadly, we had 2 more bouts of puking throughout the night, including one event after which she looked really drawn. I was concerned about dehydration and called the on-call doctor. They recommended Pedialyte and gentle rehydration, which worked like a charm. By 7:30am she was back drinking and generally in good spirits, only a bit clingy (which isn't her style). She was able to keep small, bland bits of food down (pasta, etc) and after a check in call to our pediatrician, we loaded up and headed to the airport. Yup - London, with a small, recently ill child. But all the signs were pointing to recovery for her. And besides, we had a whole plane ride in front of us to sleep. What could go wrong??

Well, Sophia has never liked to miss out on anything - she will play bobbing head doll (you remember from boring lectures in college - sleeping than popping awake just to make sure no one caught you!) which is essentially what we did for the whole ride over to London. It was a 7pm flight and we landed in London at 6am London time (so 1am our time). She slept probably a total of 2.5 hours (in 45 minute clips) and I slept next to nothing, walking around with her and trying not to wake the other passengers. But we made it and we were in London. Hooray! Bring on the sights and good friends!

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