Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Celebrating the Big 2

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Sophia & her friend Frances were both born on November 7th, about 8 hours apart, both at Mt. Auburn. We like to say they were first friends (there were only 3 babies in the nursery during their stay!)

So what better way to celebrate 2 years than an ice cream date with your best friend. We chose Christina's in Inman Square - everything is homemade, it's in walking distance from the house and the flavors are amazing! (we went with pumpkin)

Apparently, 5pm is the perfect time to take your young child for ice cream - no one else is there (hmmm, maybe the good parents are feeding their children dinner at this hour? Oh well, birthday's are only once a year!)

Here's Frances thoroughly enjoying herself:

And Sophia delighting in her pumpkin ice cream (She gave up on the spoon and licked it straight out of the cup)

And finally, after returning home to open her presents from Mom & Dad and having all the neighbors come by to visit, a very happy Birthday Girl!

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