Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What are you up to these days?

An update on Sophia at 2years (I have fully decided while my best attempts to keep a written baby book are sincere, it's much easier to type it all in and add pictures for effect.)

Sophia seems to have two speeds - running and dawdling. Rarely is there an in between. As long as there is someone or something to chase, she'll run. Otherwise, she much prefers being carried and lets you know with an insistent "Up Momma. Pick Up." She also likes wearing mom & dad's old sports clothing, just to have fun!

(Web- this shot's for you!)

She is fully attempting to test her limits, preferring to eat her dinner on the stool at the counter with me on my stool (which she proudly pushes over). We're edging her back into her booster chair, but some nights, well, the fights just aren't worth it! And it's a nice change of scenery.

Her vocabulary has totally exploded. I've lost count of all the words - she basically repeats most everything you say and she has a great recall for animals (Dogs are actually dogs now and not just woofs!) as well as numbers. We do lots of counting with her, especially going up the stairs at Whole Foods, so she can actually count to twenty. She really takes delight in the word twenty, too - she says it with flair! She also is getting pretty good with names of our neighbors and friends - the roll call list is growing!

Dogs and monkeys are still her favorite animals, though kitty-cats are fun and Mice (all of them except Mickey and Minnie) are "Eww" (thanks to Lidiana, our nanny, who desperately hates mice!) :)

She loves little babies - her baby doll is a huge favorite and comes everywhere with us. She does not like, however, when I am holding a baby. She gets insanely jealous and immediately demands a pick up. Clearly, we're working on this one (ahem, T-3 months...)

We're working on the potty - no action yet, but she does enjoy it.
She clearly is taking after her dad though with the reading room concept:

She's growing tall (over 3 feet now!) and is a very healthy weight. Most of all, she is happy - full of laughter, loves to be tickled, to give hugs and kisses to all. We are so lucky...can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

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