Saturday, April 7, 2012

Checking In..

We had Theo's 1 month appointment this past week and I'm happy to report he is growing long and strong. He gained 2 pounds since his first weight check a few days after birth. This was amazingly comforting as with Sophia, it took her about a month to get back up to birth weight, mostly because we were both falling asleep while eating at night and the whole breastfeeding thing was just foreign. Once we got it figured out, she definitely gained weight.
I think the other contributing factor to Theo's weight gain is the 2 days of bottle feeding he gets while I'm at work. He's getting 3-3.5oz bottles while I'm gone, so he is clearly consuming a set amount of goodness.

He is sleeping like a champ as well. We've settled into a decent routine too - he's down between 8:30 & 9pm (after an hour-plus feeding prior). He settles himself down fairly easily, but I think the key this time around is that we let him settle himself - just out of necessity. Trying to juggle getting both kids down to sleep somewhat simultaneously lends itself to that I suppose.

It doesn't help that Sophia is in a "Stay up and talk" mode lately - sometimes for close to an hour after we leave her. Hoping this one rectifies itself soon...In the meantime, she's been a trooper while traveling through nap and catching some zz's where she can...

He's been the perfect companion at work - I've got a lovely set up where he comes in with me on Wednesdays. I have a swing and changing pad set up in my office and have scheduled my meetings accordingly. He has cooperated (if you will) with the schedule and takes good naps and eats well. Everyone enjoys seeing him - it really lightens the mood. I most enjoy being able to spend the day with him. I will often just wear him in the Bjorn and snuggle with him while I work. It really brings down the street level. Sophia gets a kick out of the two of us leaving in the morning - "Baby Theo going to work!"

Here's shot of my work buddy!

Neck control is really strong and he is still rocking the hair - it is definitely his signature trait. In fact, after his bath when it is freshly cleaned, it has some serious wave/curl to it. It's so soft and luxiorous. Yep, my son has McDreamy hair. He's also started to smile - this cute, lopsided grin, which makes everything just so much fun and a bit more rewarding - no matter how tired I am.

We're off to an Easter egg hunt tomorrow - pictures to follow!

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