Saturday, April 21, 2012

Growing up fast

The past 7 weeks since having Theo have flown by. Being back to work, I think, makes the time go by even faster. Though I get spend 5 out of 7 days a week with Theo, he still grows and changes so much that it's tough to keep up. I have to say that he is sleeping like a champ. We're still just rolling with day time naps, but (for fear of jinxing it) his nighttime schedule (for now) is he gets nursed to sleep between 8p & 9p and I don't hear from him again until around 4am. Sometimes he goes back down around 5, allowing me an additional hour of sleep. Other times, he'll just kind of hang out and I can at least catch 45 minutes before it's into the shower and ready for work.

Then there is Sophia who constantly seems like a 10 year old in comparison. She is running up a storm and loves telling you exactly what she's thinking - colors, how many things are in front of her (3 kitties, 2 bicycles, etc) and is actually getting really good at telling left and right. I credit Dave for this, which is funny, as often he'll take a left while driving after I've told him to go right! :)

Three big things that happened this week with the kids this week. The first is that Theo started to smile on a regular basis. Here's a shot of my happy little guy:

Second, with Theo, is that we moved his bassinet into his room this week. It actually happened on Tuesday (a really hot day). Our room was very sunny and hot, so Lidiana moved him into his room to be cooler. We decided it made sense to just leave him there. And it did. He slept the same as did I and I was still able to hear him. It was a win-win for all. 

The other is that Sophia climbed out of her pack and play. When I went in to get her this morning (we're down in Newport) there she was. Standing. By the rocking chair. Now we knew she had been getting too big for it and even at home, had talked about transitioning her to a big girl bed in the next few weeks to free up the crib for Theo. But clearly, as we spend more time in Newport (necessitating the Pack n Play or other travel bed set up) this transition needs to happen. So the big girl bed will get ordered this weekend and we'll tackle the transition over the next week or two. I guarantee that will provide some excellent blog fodder!

Theo will be 2 months old next week. I'll make sure to post after his check up, but I can tell you that both kids are happy, healthy and (most of the time! :) truly a joy to be around.

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