Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Bike Rider

We had gotten a balance bike for Sophia a few months ago. She was all excited to ride it. So we strapped on her helmet and headed to the park. Where she proceeded to look at it and go, "No Thank You" much to my dismay.

We knew it would take time. She slowly started riding it around the Condo (inside) and then outside on the patio with our neighbors Eleanor & Zac (who are speed demons on theirs!) and finally, a ride around the block.

We brought it to Newport with the hope she'd take to it more. And she did! (Despite dawdling - see previous post) we made a round trip to the Ash Mart (including bringing the bike inside - but luckily nothing was destroyed).

Here's the little biker girl:

Next up - Tour de France. :)

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