Monday, July 16, 2012

More Theo updates

Theo is almost 5 months. I'm trying to be diligent about recording his milestones and happenings so he isn't totally the "shorted second child!"

- 4 month check up went well. Gained 3lbs & hit 25" long

- Still sleeping like a champ more or less. I'm still not so good at going to be early to take advantage of it.
- Moved him out of the bassinet into the Pack n' Play at Newport and to his crib at home. 
- He went from being a marathon nurser to more of a sprinter. It does make getting out the house easier, but this is a bit of a transition and I'm retraining myself to realize that he'll let me know when he's full.

- Also is apparently an efficient user of his calories. We see a poopy diaper about once/week. After much hand wringing and pediatrician consulting, found out it's totally normal. Definitely a pleasant departure from poopapotamous Sophia.

- He rolled over from his belly to his back. More gravity than anything, but he was quite pleased with himself (or startled?)

- He is getting good with his tummy time. We set up a mirror so he can look at himself. Makes it much more enjoyable.

- Still taking 3 naps - sometimes 4 if the day is a bit spotty. But into bed between 7:30 & 8:30

- No sign of teeth yet, but definitely has found his thumb and enjoys blowing bubbles

- Smiles a ton and loves being sung to. Current favorite is "If you're happy & you know it"

- Is a trooper about being hiked around places

- Love standing and looking around

- Hasn't really lost any hair. It's a given that people comment on it (so much so, I'm starting to feel badly for Sophia because he is like a magnet!)

- Dipped his toes in the sand & ocean for the first time this past week in Newport. Seemed pretty ok with it.

I head back to work next week. Looking forward to it, but will miss my little guy (and Sophia too!)

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