Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Months of Baby Theo

Baby Theo, as Sophia likes to call him, is officially (and about 10 days past) being 6 months old.
Time has really flown - he's such an amazing little boy. Happy, content, loves attention when he gets it all to himself but happy to be entertained by the antics of his big sister.

He's starting to scoot around on his belly, pushing himself backwards and around in 360's. While he doesn't go very far, he does do well for himself.

He's currently enjoying a menu of foods including breastmilk, cereal, pears and whatever other purees I can drum up the time to make (or pouches to buy!) Since we began pulling him up to the table to sit in his high chair, mealtimes have become a blast. Even if he's not eating, he's content to play and chew on two spoons and Sophia, ever the helper, loves being able to get them for him when he drops them (often!)

This big news is due to his flat head, called plagiocephaly, Theo will be getting a helmet next week. This helmet, which he'll wear about 23 hours/day, will help to re-shape his head into a proportional, roundish head. There is no medical danger to plagiocephaly in his case. Due to all his time spent lying on his back sleeping, his skull & brain have just found other places with less resistance, to grow.
The estimate is that he'll have the helmet for 4-6 months. We go for measurements every two weeks and we'll see progress quite rapidly. Here he is being fitted for his helmet: 

He was a trooper. I know he'll do great with this and, in the end, have a head that is appropriately shaped, thus allowing him to wear sports helmets (or even just hats) that fit his head correctly and safely. Pictures to follow of the helmet!

Finally, here are some shots from the 6 month birthday: 

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