Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sophia (inadvertently) goes swimming

Swimming lessons have been on the docket for Sophia for some time. Fond memories of growing up swimming in my backyard pool, playing water polo in College and, of course, safety, make me want to ensure that Sophia (& Theo, when it's time) can hold their own in the water.

I signed Sophia up for classes to start after Labor Day. She, however, decided to test her skills a little earlier than planned...

Every time we go for drinks at the club, Sophia inherently runs right down to the docks to throw rocks in. It's adorable, fun, entertaining and of course, occasionally terrifying as she stands with half her foot over the edge, no matter how many times we back her up. Usually she stands on the beach side. In fact, here's a shot of her and her friend Ainsley doing just that: (Sophia is bent over in the darker outfit).

After this trip down to the water, she came back up the hill and grabbed Dave for some more rock throwing. Ainsley and her mom Meaghan joined as well. The rest of us stayed up on the hill, having our drinks and chatting. 

Before I know it, Dave was motioning to me from the bottom of the hill to "wrap it up." I figured Sophia had a meltdown (She hadn't napped that day) and we should head home. Then he follows it with "She Fell In!" 

Apparently, she had gone to the other side of the dock (essentially behind the black car you see in the picture above) to throw rocks with Ainsley. Dave & Meaghan had followed. Sophia was throwing with some force, lost her balance and tumbled in. Luckily, it was low tide and she landed on her feet in a little less than 3 feet of water (i.e. her head/mouth/nose were all above water). Dave jumped right in and fished her out. It's about 8 feet from sea level to the ground in that area. Meaghan grabbed her and concurrently held off an interested Ainsley from repeating the process!

After being carried up the hill, soaking wet, by Meaghan, (who, unfortunately, was wearing a white shirt)  I saw she was in good shape. A little shaken, sopping wet and a bit chilly, but in good spirits. I stripped her naked (yup - on the hill, at the New York Yacht Club, in front of about 40 people enjoying sunset and cocktails) and bundled her in a nursing coverup, toga-style. She couldn't have been more thrilled. (Maybe we've used the phrase, "Toga, Toga, Toga" a few too many times. It was at that point they shot off the gun for Colors, meaning we couldn't really leave. I held Sophia and the entire time we're at attention, she's whispering loudly, "I fall in the OCEAN Mama! Daddy Got Me Out!" 

She was such a trooper and for the entire week following, she would retell bits of the story, and with particular admiration and pride, telling how "Daddy got her out!" What a hero! :) 
She also made sure to tell us she wasn't going to fall in again. Whew...thanks for that Sophia!

So...swim classes it is!

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