Saturday, October 6, 2012

Martha's Vineyard Adventure

I had only been to Martha's Vineyard once as a kid and Dave goes yearly for a sailing race. Having heard such great things about it, but not wanting to deal with summer crowd, we figured a September Sunday would be the perfect time to bring the kids & bikes and adventure around the island.

Despite an early morning of almost missing the ferry out of Woods Hole (happily, there was one 10 minutes after the one we meant to be on!) we were off.

Sophia hanging out on the rails:

 Theo getting a snuggle from Dad:

Sophia is ready to go on the back of my bike:

Theo enjoying his first restaurant lunch:

 My "shy" daughter...

More yummy lunch:

Theo was a little taxed, so naptime on a bench at the Edgartown Yacht Club: (anything less would be uncivilized!)

My favorite - daddy/daughter time looking out at Chappy:

Now it was time for Sophia to nap. She generally narrates non-stop on the back of my bike. When we were heading back to OB from Edgardtown, I realized it had gotten quiet. She conked out and, very unlike her normal M.O. stayed asleep long after we stopped moving.

So, we took a picture together outside the Carousel. (So rare for both of us to be in a shot!)

But alas, Sophia rallied for a ride on the oldest carousel in America:

Dad & Theo couldn't miss out!

Theo's ready to board the Ferry home (and his ride for the day)

Family fun at the end of the day. What a great trip!

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