Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

I'm not the artsy crafty type. I want to be, I have great ideas, but bringing them to fruition is another thing. Sophia, like most toddlers absolutely adores paints and crayons and anything colorful and messy. Our nanny Lidiana is amazing with what the two of them come up with and I am forever thankful (in so many ways!) for her.

But a tradition in my house was always painting pumpkins (I was too chicken of the goo and seeds inside to carve mine). I was inspired the other day to pick up some mini pumpkins so Sophia & I could have a painting party one night after dinner. It was a blast. Check out the shots below:

The artist pondering her options: 

Hmm, I wonder how this tastes??

It's coming together!

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