Saturday, March 23, 2013

Celebration & recap of a year

Despite the fact his 13 month birthday is this week, I thought it might be good to recap his past 12 months, including celebration of his 1st birthday.

Height and Weight - Looking good - just where the doctor wants him to be
Sleep - still sleeping like a champ and loving his 2 naps. For this, I am so very thankful.
Party Tricks: He is still scooting around and not particularly interested in pulling up. He'll walk if you place him up and he's pushing his motorcycle.
Food: Will eat anything you put in front of him. Highly entertained by watching how gravity works too.
Words: Dada, Na-Na (for Lidiana) and MaMa.
Motions: He blows kisses good bye and he dances whenever he hears music. It's just great!

I've got a hat on, but everyone is playing with my toys
We had a first birthday party for him. He doesn't really have many friends of his own, so we had Sophia's friends and their littler siblings (sorry Little Man - promise we'll find you some friends of your own soon!) All the grandparents came and he basked in the attention.
Here are some photos from the day:
Mmmm, Cake!

Sophia & Eleanor enjoying cake
Hanging with my Aunt Hayley
My turn to feed Nana

Grandpa & Ivonne

PopPop & I standing tall

Me & the fam (not sure where Sophia went)

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