Saturday, March 23, 2013

Theo Turns 1

For his birthday, Theo got to celebrate in true Carletti fashion. That means, his celebration was not a day, but more like a week.

I took the day before his birthday off and we went to the Children's Hospital Brain Study Lab for a cool experiement. I had done something similar with Sophia, so it was fun to get to do it with Theo too. Hurrah for science!
Here's a shot of the little man in action - he was watching pictures (and eating puffs!) and they recorded his brain waves.

He had great hair afterwards (they moisten the sensors so he had quite the look.) We have a great magnet with a picture on our fridge commemorating the day. And a neuroscientist in training T-shirt. You guessed it - we're geeks!

The day of his birthday, we finished up the last of the stickers. Here's his 12 month shot. Much more difficult to get the shots with the actual sticker as he would much rather pull off the sticker and play with it than leave it on. Oh well - good thing for development.

Lidiana (na-na) brought him a motorcycle! It plays all sorts of fun songs and vroooms. Yes, it makes noise, but she is the one who has to listen to it all day :)  He loves it and looks like a natural on it.

 I baked cupcakes and Lidiana, Sophia & Theo decorated and ate them. Here are some great shots of the eating:

And finally - laughing and enjoying his big day:

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet Baby Boy. 

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