Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last Day of "School" for Sophia

This past week, Sophia had her last day of "School" a.k.a Tot Time. It's a great town program that she attended 2 -1/2 days each week.

It was a perfect start to socialization with other kids and a number of her neighborhood buddies were also in the class. She made a ton of artwork and some really fun projects. The best was looking at her "Class Photo" they sent home at the end and she could name everyone there. I had heard so much about these other kids, it was fun for me to put faces with names!

My favorite part was taking her to school on my way to work. In order to be as efficient as possible, I had Sophia ride her bike...alongside mine. I commute every day to work year-round on my bike, so this made the most sense.

Sophia would ride down on the sidewalk while I was on the street. I was able to run clearance for her on the cross streets and before long, she was bombing down the hill, through the flats and back up again to school. People would watch her whiz by in her dress, Minnie Mouse sunglasses and helmet, no matter the season - it makes me so proud!

Here's a shot of her at the end of school with her teachers, Ms. Jenny & Ms. Alicia.
Next stop, Agassiz Preschool in the Fall.

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