Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Celebration

We're not particularly religious, but there is something festive about Easter and the celebration of Spring. I think I mostly like it for the cute outfits for both Sophia & Theo.

Sophia developed a concept of the festivities last year and it's kept growing. She loves the concept of hunting eggs and even got to pick out hers (and Theo's) baskets this year. We may or may not have reminded her that the EB talks to Santa and so it was really important for her to be good!

We started off with some Egg coloring
(Sophia took the lead. Theo cheered her on...)

We went for brunch & an egg hunt in Newport. Last year, if you'll remember, Sophia was quite taken with the Easter bunny. This year, she talked about him for a solid 2 weeks beforehand. Sophia really enjoyed actually participating in the egg hunt this year. It's a funny thing - a holiday all about candy and then the general annoyance by parents that the kids are eating a ton of candy. Sophia definitely enjoyed snacking out on some hollow chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, but mysteriously, her Reese's chocolate peanut butter Easter egg disappeared! :)

Here are some fun shots of the day:
My little fashionista!
Family Shot

Theo's got an admirer!

Ready for the hunt
Hugging her long lost friend!


They're looking the same way at least...

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