Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Day of Preschool!

Sophia started preschool at the Agassiz school in September. It's a fantastic co-op in Somerville that is creative, nurturing and loving. We're especially thrilled about the creative piece, as it's not exactly our strong point! She'll be there for 2 years and then Theo will head there for the next two.

We're almost equally thrilled that the school is walking & biking distance to the house. Every day, Dave drops her off and she rides her bike home in the afternoon, zipping along. 

She had two "first" days - the first one (pictured here) is her visit day - where she got to meet all the other new kids in the group (the OG) and play for a bit - there was only 1 other new child. Her real first day was the following day. Dave was responsible for drop off. While I really wanted to do it, it was easier, both logistically and emotionally, to have Dave do it. 

Drop off was a complete walk in the park - I credit this to Sophia's independent spirit, a lot of prep work and a bit of luck. Dave dropped her off in her classroom, gave her a hug and off she went to play, without even a look backwards. And I don't think she's looked back since.

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