Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gone looking for my sister...

For his whole life, Theo has been kicking around with Sophia. So this September was certainly a change in his world when Sophia headed off to preschool. They've settled into a comic, normal sibling routine. She provides him with the obligatory sibling rivalry, occasional bludgeoning, and a fair bit of hugging and snuggles. 

Her first day at school, he walked around with a magnet with her picture on it for the day. It was so adorable to watch and showed me how much he really needs to get buddies he can pal around with. He started playgroup last week and is getting into more activities at the park. My goal is to make sure he has a least a few friends of his own in time for his birthday in February! 

For me, though, it's bonding moments like this, though - sitting watching and helping me cook! - that shows how special a sibling relationship is. Everything she does, he has to do too. Whatever she eats, he wants too; if she gets her shoes in the morning, he runs to get his too.

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