Sunday, May 13, 2012

2.5 years old...time flies!

Last week, Sophia turned 2.5 years old. Somehow, this seems like quite a momentous occasion. It is amazing the difference that 6 months makes in someone of this size. She's lost her baby fat and is growing tall and somewhat slender.
Here she is in November:                                                 Here she is today:

While I realize this is a publicly viewed blog, please know that my goal is to capture and record her milestones, not to brag about her accomplishments.

Her verbal skills have grown by leaps and bounds. When she is comfortable, she is just a chatty cathy..though in a group, she tends to hang back a bit until she is comfortable. She still loves playing by herself, especially with her little figurine animals or her Micky & Pooh bear figures.
  •  If you ask her who her favorite Red Sox player is, she'll promptly respond: Saltalamacchia.
  • She also knows how to spell her name & how to spell Mickey Mouse (with a little MI...prompting). 
  • She's all over counting (she can make it up to 30 - thank you Whole Foods for all thost steps to count!)
  • Her favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle" which we sing to her at bedtime every night. (Sidenote, there is a mysterious 2nd verse that one of her books has pointed out..we're working on learning it).
We moved her to a big girl bed two weeks ago, as she had climbed out of her Pack n Play in Newport (walking in to the room in the morning was like going to the zoo and the animals were out of their habitats!) The transition to big girl bed has gone remarkably well. She loves her Mickey Sheets and sleeping bag. We're going to have to think of a warm weather solution to the sleeping bag, as she is waking up sweating during the hotter evenings. We also have it so she knows not to climb out of her bed. She still hollers for us in the morning - we're really hoping this keeps up.

 Testing out the bed with Baby Theo (Theo now resides in the crib in his room)

She has taken the corner on walking distances too - she can walk close to a mile now - and walking is usually comprised of a combination run and stutter step. The one thing I love is that she always stops to smell the flowers.

Our little girl is growing up - a healthy balance of smart, silly, happy tom boy and girly girl!

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