Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend - the weather was sunny, warm and dry for the first time in over a week. We aimed to spend as much time outside as possible.
We're still navigating the new nap schedule with Theo (i.e. having to hang inside a bit more than we're used to) but luckily yesterday's activity included a birthday party in the yard. So Theo slept inside his crib and we hung in the backyard.  I have a feeling that will be our M.O. for most of the summer.

We finally got Sophia her new balance bike. She was very excited to see it: 

But sadly, even though she put her helmet and glasses on, she had no interest in riding it.

That's ok...we'll get there.

The morning was all about cheering her baby brother on with tummy time. Once they finished, he just stared in admiration:

I was able to catch this smiling little guy afterwards:

 On Sunday morning, we ran the M.O.M's 5k road race. There was a 1k race for kids that Sophia & her friend Frances did. All the kids got finisher ribbons.  Here's Sophia running:

Sophia, Me & the top of Theo after Sophia had run her race:

Sophia & her BFF Frances who ran with her:

After the kids finished their race, Dave loaded them into the double stroller and raced with them. Morgan & I got to run on our own and Mark (Morgan's husband) hung with Theo. It was a win for all - Dave came in first in the stroller division, Morgan & I got to be runners for 30 minutes and Mark got to sit and hang out.  Everyone had a blast!

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