Sunday, April 14, 2013

A little about Sophia...

I have been making a very conscious effort to make sure Theo's accomplishments don't get lost as the second child, and I seem to be keeping my head above water on that. At his age, the growth and development happens so rapidly that I can take for granted the developments happening with Sophia.

Her big thing is swimming - we enrolled her in swim classes and we're on the second semester at MIT. She absolutely loves them - she's in the water with three other kids and the instructor takes 2 of them out at a time (the remaining stand on the 'tot dock') with noodles, floating barbells, etc. and work on all sorts of skills. She is completely in her element and also starting to make friends. She remembers the other kids' names and really is starting to interact more with them. It's great to watch.

The other exciting news is that she got accepted (or, I guess we did) to Agassiz preschool for the Fall. I say we because when I was asking about the admissions criteria, the director told me it wasn't about the child - they just had to interact well with peers and be age-appropriate. It was about what the parents and family as a whole could bring to the community. As a co-op, we are all expected to be on a committee and also volunteer time in the classroom. Dave & I fell in love with the place - it's a very art/creative learning place - something we both admit are not our strong points but believe is great for our kids. Sophia had a blast on her visit - especially because she got to a) feed the fish b) they gave her cupcakes & cheerios and c) they had new (to her) cool toys. What's not to like?

Overall, Sophia is growing and developing so much. She still zips around on her balance bike - the best is every Tuesday/Thursday, she rides it to school. She's on the sidewalk and I ride my bike on the road next to her. She's getting to be quicker and more balanced every time! Her vocabulary is pretty impressive- her focus is on having us spell everything for her. She is constantly taking in new words and often parroting (for better or worse - gulp!) what she hears.

She also goes from being the world's best big sister to, well, a big sister. She has started taken on a protective instinct when something (other than her) makes Theo cry. When it is her, Theo has at least started to defend himself a little. As for she and I, we have some quality time together each weekend and also at night after Theo goes to sleep.
And that's my big, almost 3.5 year old in a nutshell!

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