Sunday, April 14, 2013

Theo's First Haircut

Theo was born with an amazing head of hair. It was actually quite shocking when he first came out - a whole head of dark, curly hair.

Fast forward over the year, through the helmet and the hair kind of took on a life of it's own. The curl got squished out a bit from the helmet (at least in my mind) and quickly went from adorable baby with lots of hair to "Wow, what a cute little girl!!" remarks at the grocery store. (It probably didn't help he was often wearing Sophia's purple/lavender coat).

At 13 months we decided it was time for a trim. Thanks to the wonderful woman Melissa at Lulu's family cuts, we walked
In with a baby...                                                                                            And out with a little boy!

Here are a few action shots of the experience. I didn't actually cry. But it was far more emotional than I thought. I saved a few locks of hair and actually got them into the baby book. 
Checking out the toy bucket
Thinning out the baby hair

Good fake ice cream

A very happy customer!

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