Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm growing - can't you see??

As Sophia nears her 6 month birthday (this Friday - how time flies!) it is clear that she is undergoing a whole host of developmental milestones. You can almost see all the little synapses in her brain connecting, going "wow - look at that. That is so cool!"

Her newest trick is being able to pull her feet all the way up and into her mouth. It is hysterical to watch. She mostly does it when she's on her changing table (which makes getting the diaper on pretty entertaining.) but she can sit there for 5-10 minutes just playing with, examining and then tasting her feet like a rare wine vintage.

Here's a shot of her getting into position:

And on the initial taste test:

And a short video of the whole thing in action:

It is all a very exciting time. She has woken up very early the past few mornings, not crying, just talking and squawking to herself until we come in and check on her. She is on her side (so close to rolling over!!) snuggled with her giraffe lovey, and is so excited to show us her new tricks. Luckily, after a quick snack, she's gone back to sleep. Here's a shot of her, post nap, in all of her happiness:

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