Monday, May 3, 2010

Sophia's First Trip to the Cape

This weekend, we were kindly invited to the Cape (North Falmouth) by our friends Katie and Ferris. They have a 5 week old daughter, Clare, who is just adorable. It is hard to believe that stage is so far behind us already.

We had a very relaxing (well, as relaxing as life is with a 5 week old and almost 6 month old) weekend. The bonus was it felt like early summer, with temps in the 70s and gorgeous sunshine. The boys went kayaking and then we all took some nice walks, exploring the area and just enjoying the sunshine.

Ferris was way more adventurous than the rest of us, venturing into the 49 degree water - ekk!

Sophia got into the spirit for the Kentucky Derby wearing her seersucker!

She also got into the spirit of summer living - hmm, does it taste better than her normal bottle??

(no worries, no beer was actually ingested by Sophia)

A great weekend and a special thanks to Ferris and Katie, who are becoming awesome parents.

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