Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sophia Turns 6 months old

The past few days have been exciting for us. Sophia turned 6 months old on Friday. I know it is such a small milestone in the grand scheme of her life, but it is hard to believe that was born 6 months ago. She has gotten so big.
In the beginning she was gaining weight slowly, but growing long quickly. It seems like, after 6 months, she is finally evening out. We go for our 6 month check up on Monday, but looking back at pictures and seeing the pudgy cheeks she now sports, it's hard to believe I was ever worried about her. I think a lot of it has to do with people's perception of what a healthy baby "should" look like. That is one (of many, many things) I love about Sophia's doctor - she is very grounded in reality and doesn't get swept up in charts, percentiles or paranoia.

Here's the 6 month old "big girl" before heading off to bed Friday:

Yesterday, we changed over all her clothes to the 6-9 month clothes. She had been growing out of most of the 3-6 month stuff for a few weeks now, but it's awesome to have all new fun clothes to dress her in. We were so fortunate to get most all of her wardrobe as either gifts from friends and family or hand me downs. So many fun outfits, but this was her most comfortable look for the day:

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