Monday, May 17, 2010

Party time with Grandma & Grandpa Carletti

This weekend, my parents came up to watch Sophia. Dave & I had a wedding to go to, and while we could have brought Sophia, it was the perfect opportunity for us to have some time together and for my parents to bond with Sophia. They hadn't seen her live (we try to Skype as often as we can) in almost 6 weeks and were excited to come up.

We had left her before when she was little with our neighbors for a few hours, but not yet during the day when she's been on a napping/sleeping schedule. So this was something new for all of us!

Being the type-A personality I am, I typed up a document (it was less than 2 pages) with Sophia's daily routine, as well as her pediatrician info, etc. It wasn't so much for more parents, but rather to get it down on paper. Boy, was I the focus of a good roast all day from my mom and dad - well deserved, of course! It is so true that we often forget that our parents did manage to successfully raise us and keep us alive, even without all these newfangled gadgets that we swear by (Hello - baby monitor? We had a dog who would bark if I started to cry or woke up from a nap which would bring my parents up to the top floor of the house from the basement!)

It was a great day and now that we're over the hump, I look forward to doing it much more often.

Here are some pictures of the day (Mom was kidding that Sophia threw a party for her friends Eleanor, Frances, Andrew and Charlie, but they managed to hide all the bottles before we got home!) :)

I think the best part of the day was my mom getting to feed Sophia her sweet potatoes. She managed to get her to eat all of it without nary a mess (clearly a trait I didn't inherit!!)
Go mom -

Dad getting some quality granddaughter time:

Grandpa giving Sophia her bottle:

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