Sunday, April 25, 2010


Early on, a friend (thanks Chris!) tipped us off to babies fascination with ceiling fans. Our bedroom fan has enthralled Sophia for many a morning - buying Dave & I a few extra minutes of sleep or soothing her in a somewhat frazzled state.

But because there was no fan in her room, we decided to try the mobile route. Our friend Jane's sister-in-law makes wonderful mobiles (check her Etsy site out at: Almost Sunday). Karen's work is great and her mobiles are so whimsical. She caters to your color choices and adds the touch of personalization we were looking for.

We ordered the butterfly mobile and Sophia loved it the moment we hung it in her room. Here are some pictures:

We soon hung it over her crib and I believe it really helps entertain her in the mornings when she wakes up. We've checked in a few mornings just to find her staring up and "talking" to it. There's no doubt, though, it's her favorite thing in the room:

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  1. These are really beautiful. So is Sophia!