Monday, April 26, 2010

Ode to gDiapers

When I was pregnant with Sophia, I was fortunate to get a baby crash-course experience through babysitting. Until I started sitting, my only diaper change experience had been my friend Johanna's son Cameron when he was a month old. I was 22 years old, it was 2 in the morning and completely unaware of the need to cover up little boys so as to avoid being sprayed. (needless to say, her husband Bryan jumped in to save the day).

Fast forward to this summer and I quickly learned the pros and cons of disposables vs cloth and everything in between.

For Dave and I were hoping to minimize the trash/landfill ramifications of disposable diapers. My neighbor uses cloth with the chinese pre-folds, so I got good practice using them, but I was never 100% comfortable I was doing it right.

After reading lots of different sites, blogs and posts on my mom's list (yea! Somerville Moms Yahoo Group) I stumbled onto gDiapers. They're kind of a hybrid between disposable and cloth. They have a cute outer cover, a plastic liner that snaps in and then the diaper insert. If the insert gets dirty, you can dispose of it one of three ways: flush it down the toilet (which requires tearing the sides off - slightly icky but not too bad), throw it in the garbage or compost it (wet ones only).

We started using them right when Sophia got home from the hospital and they've worked great. The inserts are slightly more expensive than a traditional disposable, but in terms of absorption and control, they work great! We have had very few leakage incidents (even during the long overnights) and, Sophia looks really cute to boot.

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  1. Have you used the cloth inserts? I've got the biodegradable ones but want to try cloth. Still trying to use up disposable diapers before Josh out grows them, we have so many!