Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sophia's First Rice Cereal

Recently, Sophia has begun expressing an interest in "people" food, which was humorous because for the past month or so, she has been really, really distracted while breast feeding. The slightest noise, light change or glance at her paisley sleeve was enough to entertain her for what felt like eons.

But now it was becoming obvious that she wanted my food. It started with an ice cream cone at Christina's in Inman Square. Sophia lunged from my right arm to my left (the residence of my ice cream cone) with hopes of catching a lick. No such luck.

We had many similar occurrences, from my bagel sandwich on the airplane (I thought maybe it was the crinkly paper?) to my nightly salad (maybe she felt all those radishes I dangled in front of her eyes by their tails needed a good chewing?)

Finally, on Saturday 4/17 it was time to start rice cereal. "They" (whoever the almighty "they" in the baby world are) say that you can/should start your baby on solids anywhere between 4-6 months. Much like everything in the realm of baby, there is controversy about how early is too early, what you should start them on and when you really know. I figured we'd start when we all (Sophia, Dave & I) felt comfortable.

I mixed together a helping according to the box, set her up in her high chair, complete with bib and her own spoon to play with and got to work.

I've also included pictures from subsequent feedings. It's getting much better and I think we're getting more actually in her mouth at each feeding.

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  1. Just like walking, speech, potty training....there is no exact time table for any of these hallmarks! Looks like Sofia was more than ready for the next stage of her eating crusade and enjoyed every minute of it!

    love this blog...nice work my dear!