Sunday, June 13, 2010

Aunt Hayley's Graduation

It's been a busy spring time with family graduations. Last weekend, Sophia's Aunt Hayley (Dave's little sister) graduated from 9th grade at Rumsey Hall School. Here's a picture of the new graduate (and recent graduate Uncle Cameron). Hayley will be attending Westminster School in the fall:

It's always a treat getting to see family and Sophia loves hanging with her Aunt & Uncle. It was a hot day under the tent, but Sophia was a rock star, getting her water fix here:

We had a big party back at the house in Woodbury with all of Hayley's school friends as well as their parents. All the moms were so very excited to hold Sophia as they watched their 15 year old kids run around, laughing, texting and celebrating. I think she was passed around amongst them for over an hour! She was happy as a clam with all the attention. The main piece of advice I received from all of them was to really enjoy these moments with Sophia - you always knew where she was and she couldn't talk back! :)

It was a long day, but Sophia was a trooper. She has been getting better and better at falling asleep in her pack n play in new places. I've really learned that consistency to her bedtime routine is key. She now will whimper for a minute or two before conking out. It's really quite nice.

Here's a final pic of Sophia & Uncle Cameron recovering from all the fun on Sunday:

Until next time!

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