Thursday, June 17, 2010

Neuroscientist in Training...

At least, that is what Sophia's new onesie says.

Yesterday, we participated in a study at Children's Hospital in Boston. They were studying babies perception of male and female faces as it related to their primary caregiver. I had to fill out a chart of how much time I spent solo with Sophia, how much time Dave spent with her solo and then the time we both spent with her over the course of a week. The women running the study were awesome and so great with Sophia. Being the ham she is, she had them laughing and giggling with her in no time!

After some playtime and paperwork, we went into a room where Sophia sat on my lap and was shown almost 160 images of male and female faces. In order to record how she was perceiving/responding to the photos, she donned a "sponge cap" which would measure the response in her brain. There were 30+ sponges soaked in water that were able to conduct the energy emitted from her brain and record them for the researchers. I think she looks pretty darn cute:

After she looked at the photos, they took off the fun cap and we headed out for a short break. Here's the "after" photo:

Good thing it was bath night! :)

We got to go to the prize closet. It holds a host of goodies. Happy that Sophia is still too young to really be overwhelmed by it. She got a great dragonfly teething rattle. After the fun, we went back in for 5 more minutes of "memory recall" pictures.
When the study was over, the researchers commented that Sophia had a really long attention span for her age. They were quite impressed. Yea for my little researcher!

I love the idea of helping science and research. And I'm hoping it sets a good example for Sophia.

Until next time...

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