Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

Sunday was Dave's first Father's Day. In general, he is not a big holiday celebrator, but we thought it would be fun to mark the day with some treats.

I had posed the question to some friends on Facebook earlier in the month about their favorite Father's Day gifts to give or receive. I got a ton of wonderful ideas (homemade and otherwise).
The one I settled on was a photo set of Sophia holding up the letters DAD.
I enlisted the help of my neighbors Brendon & Katina (who are far more creative than I will ever be!) to help set the scene and manage Sophia.

Now that she is sitting up on her own, it is fun and easy to engage her. These were two of the great test shots:


Then it was game time. At first, I thought just handing her the paper would work. Silly me - she has a penchant for the crinkly sound of the paper. Sophia quickly decided it would be more fun to eat and crunch than hold:

But we were able to get a bunch of great shots once we mounted the letters on cardboard. Here are the final ones we landed on:

Dave was thrilled- I framed the three shots in a nice wooden frame.
Sophia also gave us both a lovely gift - 2 long naps, which enabled both Dave & I to get long runs in and then subsequent veg/nap sessions on the couch. A perfect day all around.


  1. THat is terrific! So cute! And you gave me an idea for next year! But I'll have each kid hold one letter.. probably not as cute as a baby doing it.. but Ooh! I can't wait!

  2. The A is my favorite, probably because she's eating it. Great idea!