Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Uncle Cameron's Graduation

I'm a little behind on my posts, as we have been traveling quite a bit. Two weekends ago, we ventured down to Allentown, PA, for Dave's little brother's graduation from Muhlenberg college. We decided to split up the drive by going to CT on Friday evening and then doing the rest of the drive (about 3 hours) on Saturday morning. That way, Sophia could get a nap in on Saturday morning before we headed into a weekend of family fun.
She slept like a champ on both car rides and was wide awake and excited to see her Uncle Cameron.
Here's a shot of the two of them outside of Cameron's dorm:

Cameron gave us a great tour of campus and we headed out for a celebratory beverage before his Baccalaureate event that evening. Clearly, Sophia wanted in on the fun!

Our hotel situation worked out really well. Our room was kind of small, but it was on the first floor, close to the lobby. We had brought the monitor, so instead of sitting inside the room with the TV on low, Dave and I put Sophia to sleep and had our dinner out in the lobby watching the Celtics game. The monitor worked like a charm and we enjoyed a nice adult dinner of takeout from Carrabas. :)

Sunday morning was graduation morning. I knew that Sophia's naps would be somewhat of a mess that day, but it actually all worked out. Graduation was outside on the main quad and, being a small class of about 400 kids, we could stroll around during the ceremony until it was time for Cameron to get his diploma. I'm trying to be better about letting go of the schedule occasionally, but it's really tough when you know that you're going to have a very cranky baby. Luckily, she napped some in the stroller and afterwards, we had a great family photo shoot:

It was a great weekend. We headed back to CT Sunday evening and then Sophia & I continued back home to Boston to sleep in our own beds. Dave headed off for a work trip for the week, which proved to be exhausting for all of us.
But more on that in the next post.

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