Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flying Solo for the week

For Cameron's graduation from Muhlenberg College (see last post), Dave and I drove separate cars to his father's house in CT. We then combined for the PA leg of the trip. The reason for this being Dave had quite the driving trip all around NY state planned for the week and wouldn't be home till late on Thursday evening. On Sunday evening, Sophia and I headed out from CT and said bye to Dad (and for me, my tag-team partner).

Dave has gone on previous work trips, so this was nothing new, but it proved to be exhausting. It took an additional hour (thank you, traffic & construction on 84!) to get home Sunday night and then just some general resettling of both Sophia & I once we made it in. Last week was an extremely hot week in the city, so I decided it would be best if I took Sophia down to Newport where it was about 20 degrees cooler.

I think all the being on the road, new sleeping quarters for many of the nights, took its toll on both of us. Sophia definitely fought going to sleep more than usual, though I was blessed with a few 2-hour naps as a result. At one point, I needed to go to my neighbor's place (across the hall) just to have some adult conversation that was face to face. It was very helpful to commiserate (they have a 4 month old little girl).

By the time Dave rolled in on Thursday night, I was happier than ever to see him and had a complete appreciate for single moms and moms whose husbands travel regularly for work. I especially had new regard for my mom, who often flew solo while my dad was on work trips as I was growing up. I sometimes forget that she has been through it all before (silly, I know) but it is during situations like these that I really appreciate her support and understanding.
It takes a tough lady to handle that on a regular basis, that is for sure!

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