Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sophia's First Newport Weekend

Dave and I have been renting a summer house in Newport, RI for the past 10 summers. With the blessing of our housemates, we decided to give it another shot this summer with Sophia.
For those who don't know, there are 8-12 people in a 6 bedroom house each weekend. We have a really great system down, as it is basically the same group of people each summer, so we know each other's quirks and roles in the house. Everyone had met Sophia before, and being that she is such a good-natured baby, we felt like it would be a good fit.

I did an overnight with Sophia at the house last week to bring down most of our stuff. A friend who does this with her daughter in a ski house during the winter recommended we just get two of everything to make the packing and transporting each weekend more simple. I duplicated a lot of the basics - boppy pillow, changing table, extra bottles, spoons and bowls and her favorite playmat. (The playmat is key as every morning after she eats, she'll play on it happily for 20-30 minutes while we get stuff done).

All in all, the weekend went very smoothly. We had a bit of regression in the sleep department, with Sophia crying more than usual as we put her down, but that is to be expected. Between all the stimulation of new people, the heat and being in a new place, it's par for the course. As the summer progresses, I have no doubt she'll get more comfortable and so will I. (I was really afraid her crying might bother people, but I was the only one stressing over it. So I'm letting it go.)

We took her for a fun time in the park near where we got engaged. Here's a short video:

It was also her first trip to the beach (I love 80 degree weather on Memorial Day!)
She enjoyed the ocean. A bit uncertain and definitely a little chilly, but all in all I think she was a fan. Here are some shots:

Her favorite part of the weekend, though, might have been meeting George. We lovingly refer to him as "Uncle Georgio" - he entertained her for hours (or maybe she entertained him...not sure). Here's a shot of the bonding session.

We can't wait to head back down again next weekend and soak up the sun (with sunblock, of course).

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