Wednesday, July 9, 2014

16 Days of Summer: Day 10

Monday kicked up the start of our second week. But for Theo, it signified "Life as an Only Child" - at least during the day.

Sophia started at Norman Bird Sanctuary summer camp for the week. She was going with buddy Ainsley and new buddy Avery. The girls couldn't have been more excited. After dropping her off, Theo and I celebrated by doing exciting things like grocery shopping and visiting T.J. Maxx. The TJ Maxx visit was actually to buy him big boy underwear. He's been attempting to potty train himself over the past 3 months (despite our apathy). With all of the beach and outdoor time here, he's actually been pretty successful (except for the time he came to tell me he had to go and I scooted him out in the yard by the bushes and he proceeded to drop the deuce. Though I guess that can be considered success too!)

We acquired some spiffy new boy undies with Turbo on them. I guess he's a fast snail? We essentially picked them as they were the only 2t undies there.

Monday evening took us to family night at the club where the kids partook in some giant hill sliding. Here's a link to the Facebook video, which friends will be able to see. The still shot is her and Avery dragging the huge piece of cardboard up the hill. Last year, Sophia wouldn't really go near the top of the hill but this summer has been a huge change. She clearly has the need for speed!

And a quick shot of cool little man. 

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