Saturday, July 12, 2014

16 Days of Summer: Day 11

Well, I've made it to Day 11 - not the actual partaking in vacation, that's been the easy part. Blogging about it and remembering what we've done. I forgot how tiring vacation can be. (Sorry to those not on vacation...)

Tuesday morning was my morning to hang out solo and time for Dave & Theo to have some father - son time. After I dropped Sophia at camp, I got to try out paddleboarding at 3rd beach. It was windy as heck, which was great for heading out, but at the turnaround past the buoys, I had flashbacks of learning to turn while skiing. It wasn't pretty and thank god I was out there alone so no one could hear me singing my turning song. :) I made it back in with just one dip in the ocean and some weary muscles. All in all a great success.

Dave and Theo hit storytime at The Redwood Library again this week and some shopping: an Olaf cup for Theo and an Elsa and Anna for Sophia. The kids were psyched.

I got to do pickup from camp and got this fun shot of the two happy campers!

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